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get to know B.

  • I'm obsessed with my dog Stella and truly believe she's an angel on Earth.
    So obsessed that she came up to sit on my lap as I'm writing this and 
    I moved my laptop to a very unfavorable position so she can sit where she wants.


  • Always a practicing yogi. Nothing makes me feel more relaxed or grounded than being on my mat.

  • HUGE true crime gal. 
    If I'm
     not doing yoga or perusing Instagram, you can catch me listening to Morbid: A True Crime Podcast or My Favorite Murder. Where my murderinos at?!

  • On that note, if I could know what happened to one unsolved case it'd be a toss up between the Black Dahlia Murder or the mysterious death of Elisa Lam. Seriously, hit me up with your theories. 
    (I'd say JonBenet, but we all know her brother did it and her parents covered it up, okay? Okay.)

  • My favorite feeling in the world is sitting on a plane gleaming in anticipation for my upcoming travel adventures. Nothing means more to me than new experiences and making memories in new places!
    I've been fortunate to travel to 3 continents, 6 countries, and countless US states so far.
    & I am always looking to grow my list of visited places. 


I'm from a BIG Packer family and was even named after the legend:
 Brett Favre. 

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