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6 Spring Cleaning Tips

Updated: May 23, 2021

It's about that time of year again when we all wake up from our winter hibernation, hopefully with a little more motivation than when we started our slumber. It's the perfect time to enhance your home with a little spring cleaning so you can keep your energy levels up all summer long. Here are my tips and tricks for a successful spring cleaning experience.

1. Pick One Room At a Time

Spring cleaning, or mass tidying of any kind, is no simple task. That's why I recommend not getting too ambitious and planning to spend an entire day hitting the whole house. This may work for some, but for most of us, we're likely to get burnt out halfway through and once you lose that motivation, it's hard to get back. Break your cleaning up into bite size pieces. I recommend tackling one room at a time, but you could also break the time up into increments of 30 minutes or so and reward yourself in some way for your hard work in between.

2. Enlist Some Help

And on that note, spring cleaning doesn't need to be a one woman (or man) show! Unless you live alone, everyone in the household can pitch in to help. I personally believe this will be more successful if each person enlisted is given small tasks at a time and perhaps a little incentive. For example, maybe once everyone completes their assigned tasks for the day they can be rewarded with a family pizza night. Think of something that will motivate the people in your house to pitch in so it doesn't feel like just another chore.

3. Organize

Nothing feels better than having a home that's not only clean, but also organized. To do so, I recommend getting some storage bins of different sizes. Use the bins to place similar items inside. Then places the bins in places like closets, shelves, cabinets, etc. This will keep things organized and looking good. When it comes to your clothing closet, come up with an organization system such as color coding or placing similar items next to each other (i.e. tank tops in one section, t-shirts in another and so on). This will give your closet a uniform look that is ~aesthetically pleasing~ as well as functional.

4. Don't Forget the "Little Things"

And by that I mean, all of those things you don't often think to touch the rest of the year (the microwave tray, vacuuming under the furniture, or washing the walls). It's obvious when the floors need to be swept and the counters are dirty, but these smaller things need attention too. These also happen to be the tasks that we will make your home feel extra clean when you're done. Think about all of the things that could use a little TLC but aren't right in front of your eyes and tackle those along the way too.

5. Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

Of course I have to include the obvious one here, the heavy hitter, the no-way-you-can-spring-clean-without it: decluttering. Channel your inner Marie Kondo here and think about what really sparks joy (but also don't pull an Emily Gilmore from the GG reboot and part with all of your things). Take some time to really think about the items that enhanced your life last year, and the ones you haven't thought about in forever but feel like you have to hold onto - now might be the perfect time to part. Decluttering isn't always an easy task, especially with bulky items. When you need help

getting rid of those larger pieces, enlist some help! Find a local moving service to do the hard work for you, such as Yes! Moving & Storage. The team at Yes! Moving & Storage will help not only with removing those bulky items during your spring cleaning, but can also help with residential and commercial moving, planning, and packing. It's time to part with that old hand-me-down pool table you were gifted when you were 20 (I know, I'm sorry). Yes! Moving & Storage will even help with pool table moving in the Dallas area. There's no item too big for the moving team.

6. Replace Worn Out Items

Now that you've decluttered, that means you can add a few new items to the mix, right? Think about the things that you use frequently and should periodically be replaced. I'm talking those bedsheets you've used for 3 years; maybe now's the time to get a couple of fresh sets. Maybe replace some of the decor you got years ago with a new styles. Pull up Pinterest or grab the latest addition of "Magnolia Journal" for inspiration and do some shopping! Your home will feel fresh and inviting as well as clean.

Well, there you have it! I hope these tips offer a little motivation to get your house in top shape for the new season. Nothing feels better than having a clean living space, and hopefully these tips make that goal feel slightly more achievable.

Happy cleaning!


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