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Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Giving gifts is one of my biggest love languages, which makes the Holiday season one of the most exciting for me. I've realized in the last 4-5 years that giving gifts holds more excitement for me than getting them! That doesn't always mean the gift giving process is an easy one, though. Since it means so much to me, I often find it even harder to "settle" on the perfect gift for my loved ones.

If you're like me and can always use some inspiration, I wanted to put together a guide of gift ideas that I think are great this year, as well as highlight some of my favorite small business that have amazing products!

Small Businesses

- Token Jewelry Design (Eau Claire, WI)

Here you can find the MOST beautiful jewelry. I'm partial to their gold jewelry and own more necklaces than I can count. Token Jewlery's quality is unmatched - I can confirm you won't have to worry about the rings turning your fingers green (LOL).

- Vintage Soul (Dripping Springs, TX) This is one of my favorite local shops I've found in Texas, and luckily, they have a wonderful online shop that ships! You'll find the nicest apparel, unique jewelry, and the cutest home decor.

- Generous Coffee Co. (Denver, CO)

Check out Generous Coffee for (obviously) the coffee lover in your life, but also the person that loves to help a good cause. Generous is a "for profit" company whose proceeds are donated to non-profit organizations such as Humanity and Hope United. The company's beneficiaries exist to create jobs, improve education, and generate sustainable change in the communities they work with. Aside from coffee, Generous also sells apparel, jewelry, mugs, and more.

- KaoLee Shop

KaoLee has created a shop with the most beautiful hand-made jewelry, accessories, and home decor. This year the shop has an incredible "Winter Collection" with wrapping paper, tag sets, and cards that are perfect for wrapping presents beautifully. Check out the shop for one-of-a-kind gifts you won't find anywhere else!

Gifts For Anyone!

1. Brumate Drink Holders Brumate drink holders are fantastic because they *really* do keep your drinks cold for so long. plus, they have so many styles that are really fun to choose from and they fit all kinds of cans and bottles (including BOTTLES OF WINE). You can't go wrong with this one.

2. Portable Desk Top (perfect for working from home!) We all now either work from home ourselves, or know someone who does. At this point we probably all have desks to sit at everyday, but if you're like me, sometimes you like to sit on the couch! This tray is perfect to hold a laptop, or if you want to go a little old school, even more perfect for breakfast in bed.

3. Reusable Straws(great stocking stuffer!) At this point in time, who doesn't want to be more environmentally friendly? But, I also LOVE to use straws. These reusable straws are perfect to do both! They come with a travel bag and a scrubber so you can be sure they are always clean.

4. "FRIENDS" Cookbook - The One With All The Recipes We all have that one *friend* that is obsessed with this sitcom (and if you don't, it's probably you). This is such a fun, thoughtful gift for the friend that's been dying to try Rachel's trifle, "Engagement Ring Lasagna," or "Floor Cheesecake."

Gifts for Him

  1. Bose Speaker Let's be honest, you can't go wrong with a speaker. It's one of the most useful gifts you can give, in my opinion! No guy will turn down an quality bluetooth speaker!

  2. Carhartt Hat Not a lot of guys that I know don't appreciate the Carhartt brand. These hats never go out of style, they're very warm/good quality, and go with everything! Plus, they're even more perfect for hunters. (To be honest, a great gift for women, too!)

  3. Personalized Fossil Wallet I love the quality of Fossil products and was so excited to find a wallet that could be embossed with initials. I think it's a great, personalized gift for the man whose wallet has been falling a part for years. I got Austin one of these for our first Christmas together (3 years ago!) and he's used it ever since.

  4. Drop Kitt - Toiletry Bag by Magnolia Magnolia has slowly but surely become one of my favorite brands/online stores to shop at. I personally purchase a ton of their home decor, but their line of men's accessories is great. This toiletry back looks perfect for any guy that travels, camps, or just likes to stay organized.

Gifts for Her

  1. Flat Brim Felt Fedora These hats are staples for any outfit! They come in a variety of colors and are perfect for the stylish woman in your life. I personally love the color "neutral" (as you can see, lol), but also have it in black.

  2. Anti-Theft Travel Backpack The traveler in your life NEEDS this backpack. I personally use this backpack every time I travel, even if it's a short flight back to Wisconsin, because I never have to worry about things being stolen out of it and it fits EVERYTHING. I originally bought the backpack when I was planning a trip to Spain (RIP to that 2020 dream), because Europe is known for pickpocketing and I wanted to prevent that. As an added bonus, I think it's super cute! I have it in the khaki color in size medium, but don't think you can go wrong with any of the colors.

3. Unbreakable Silicone Wine Glasses

These wine glasses are fantastic for outdoor use! You don't have to worry about breaking them, and they have a great grip on them. Get the wine lover in your life something she never knew she needed. Gift these babies with her favorite wine and you have a great gift!

Gifts for Fur (Babies)

Some of my favorite shopping is for Stella, which is probably because I love to see how excited she is when she gets a new toy. Here are a few items we'll either be "gifting" to Stella this year or have been her favorites forever!

  1. *Green* Tennis Balls Our little girl is ball craaazy lately, but it is specifically for the bright green tennis balls. We've tried orange and pink before too, but nothing beats her love for the green ones. Plus, we found these in "mini" size, which are perfect for small breeds like her!

  2. Stuffed Duck, "Duckworth" When Stella got her first Duckworth, she was still a puppy and the duck was significantly bigger than her, but she has always loved this thing. This is a great gift for dogs of any size!

3. Fur Donut Dog Bed

Stella loooves her dog beds almost as much as she loves a warm, fuzzy blanket. This bed looks like the perfect combination of the two! Plus, it's a cute addition to our living room, too!

So there ya have it! I hope this gave you some ideas for those difficult people (or pups) on your list.

Happy Holidays to you & yours!

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