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How to Be Successful Working from Home

At the start of the COVID 19 pandemic, we were all thrown to new struggles and had to find ways to deal with our "new normal." For me (and a lot of others), this new normal meant working from home. It started as a temporary set up and shortly after turned into a more permanent role. Like everyone else, I had to figure out how to be as successful at home as I was in the office.

Here is some tried & true advice on how to be successful working from home:

  1. Get ready for the workday When you work from home it's easy to want to roll out of bed each morning and do your work in your pajamas, but that often doesn't lead to the most productive workday. I'll be the first to admit that now that I work from home I don't have the same morning routine as I did when I went to the office. You don't need to get dolled up for the day when you work from home but freshening up and putting on "real clothes" can add a little extra energy to your morning and make for a much more successful day. They don't say "Look Good, Feel Good" for no reason!

  2. Create a routine & I mean this for before and after your workday as well. There may be household chores you want to get done throughout the day that can take away your focus on work. Instead of letting that happen, use your time wisely by scheduling time to do those things outside of work hours. Routines are great because they allow us to focus on certain tasks at specified times and we don't have to waste time trying to figure out what we should be doing.

  3. Set up the perfect at home office Let's face it, you're not going to be as productive sitting on your couch in front of the TV as you are if you have an actual office area. Find a place in your home to create an office space. Of course, include the necessities like a desk and your computer, but also include some fun things like a colorful calendar or bulletin board of photos and motivational quotes. Having a space specifically for work will help your separate your work life from your home life (the balance we all need).

  4. Get a standing desk Nothing says productive like hitting your step goals every day! An easy way to create more movement in your day-to-day life is by having a standing desk. Sure, you'll still be stationary when at your desk, but by simply standing you're in a much easier position to take a quick walk break here and there. It's also great for your posture! As you can imagine, standing desks (or desks in general) can be incredibly heavy. If after you pull the trigger and make the purchase you find that you need help getting the desk inside, don't be afraid to use a moving company such as Gameday Moving Services Houston for help! Let Gameday's movers do the tough work for you. Or if you decide you need a whole new work space entirely, Gameday Moving Services can help with all aspects of moving, packing, cleaning and more, and are experts in long-distance moving in Houston! Working from home can be tough enough, take some of the stress away with a little help from Gameday Moving.

5. Minimize Distractions

When working from home, there can be a lot more distractions to pull you away from your job than in the office. It's important to minimize the distractions at home so you can be extra successful at your job. For me that means not sitting in front of the TV, taking care of household tasks before and after work (not during), and setting aside time to take breaks. Distractions are the thief of productivity so it's important to keep them at a minimum!

We've all had to make adjustments to our daily lives over the last year and a half in response to the new challenges we've faced. If you're like me and will be staying at home while a lot of people start to go back into the office, it will be more important than ever to stay as productive as possible. Follow these simple steps and I know you'll feel more successful in no time!


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