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Marble Falls, TX Travel Guide

Central Texas is no stranger to charming small towns. From the wineries in Fredericksburg to the boutique shopping in Dripping Springs, a stay in the Texas Hill Country will always offer a unique experience. The same is true for the picturesque Marble Falls, TX.

If you're looking for a weekend getaway that's a quick drive from Austin or Dallas, consider spending a weekend in Marble Falls. You'll have a fabulous time shopping, dining, and relaxing throughout this delightful Texas town.

Where to Eat

1. Blue Bonnet Cafe

If you go to Marble Falls and don't stop at Blue Bonnet Cafe for breakfast you are doing yourself a disservice. The Blue Bonnet Cafe is a must see not only because it is one of the oldest restaurants in Texas, originally opening it's doors in 1929, but also because it has delicious food. I can say from personal experience that the cinnamon rolls and French toast are delightful. The cafe is famous for it's homemade pies for a good reason. I got a slice of the pecan to go and it did not disappoint (our sweet waitress even put an extra slice in my to-go box). A stay in Marble Falls would not be complete without dining at the iconic Blue Bonnet Cafe.

2. Oli's Kitchen

Straight from a Marble Falls local herself, Oli's is the best place in town for Mexican food. They have a solid selection of street tacos, as well as classic options like enchiladas and fajitas. Enjoy the rustic and comfortable ambiance of Oli's while munching on one of Texas' main food groups: Mexican. Consider Oli's for lunch or dinner while dining in Marble Falls.

3. Bella Sera

While Texas isn't always known for it's Italian food, you wouldn't know that from dining at Bella Sera. Bella Sera's has a wide selection of wines, delicious appetizers, pasta dishes, and seafood options. I had the lobster ravioli with pink sauce and it was the best Italian meal I've had since moving to Texas. Be sure to start your meal with a fresh caprese salad and end it was the velvety tiramisu.

What to Do

1. Krause Springs

Krause Springs was just a short drive down the road from Marble Falls in Spicewood, TX. It is home to a natural pool where swimmers can come and bring their tubes to relax in the cool water, or get a bit more adventurous and rope swing off of a tree into the water. There is also a man-made pool to lounge in on the property. It is a great place for families to picnic and play, or for anyone looking to cool off during the hot Texas summer.

2. Bear King Brewery We could not get enough of Bear King Brewery! We even went back more than once during our quick weekend stay. The beautiful building is what caught our eye initially, but it was the blonde beer and pimento cheese dip that kept us coming back. Bear King has a fun and casual atmosphere and a beer for anyone's preferred flavor. They also had an amazing menu of food so it'd be a great place to grab a casual bite & brew. And, like I said, the pimento cheese dip is a must (it "bears" repeating)!

3. Fiesta Winery In the heart of downtown is the cutest winery with the most wonderful staff. They have $20 tastings where you get to sample 6 wines and take home a commemorative glass. Whether you are a white or a red wine drinker (or something in between), Fiesta has everything you could want. They even list out their wines on a scale of sweet to dry so you know exactly what you're getting.

4. Shops Like so many other Hill Country towns, the shopping in Marble Falls is phenomenal. You'll find delightful boutiques throughout the downtown area. One of our favorites was ReDid, which has a large selection of gorgeous furniture and a hand selected array or clothes. Birdie's Market was another favorite, which housed refurbished antiques. I'm a sucker for antiques and felt like I could've redecorated my entire home with the furniture at Birdie's.

Where to Stay

Under this category, this is only one (in my opinion). Talula Mesa is a luxury glamping experience about 20 minutes outside of downtown Marble Falls. Talula Mesa offers gorgeous glamping tents that overlook Lake Travis and the Texas Hill Country. Here you will find views that exceed anything you can imagine seeing in the US. I truly felt like I was a million miles away from home when looking out of our window wall onto the Hill Country below. The tents are incredible, the grounds are well kept, the accommodations are excellent, and the views are indescribable. A stay in Marble Falls would be incomplete without staying at Talula Mesa.

Like most small towns in Central Texas, Marble Falls was a gem. It was a perfect, relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. With life slowing going back to normal, it would be easy to get caught up in our to-do lists all over again. The real challenge would be to take what we learned throughout the pandemic about slowing down and incorporate that into our lives a bit more. That is what this stay in Marble Falls meant for me, and what it could mean for you.


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