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My 5 Favorite Trends for Summer 2020

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Keeping up on recent trends is something I find really enjoyable. I love to mix my basics/classics with fun, new, in-season pieces. It's so fun to try new things because you never know what you're going to love and keep in your closet forever.

Here are the top 5 trends I'm loving for summer 2020 (hopefully we get to show some off outside of the house this summer, S/O COVID 19).

1. Tie Dye

I noticed tie dye make a comeback during quarantine and I was not upset about it. There are TONS of clothing stores and brands jumping on the tie dye train this year. But it was even more fun making it an afternoon DIY activity with my niece and nephew. The outcome was actually pretty great! I cut my tie dye shirt into a crop top and chopped the sleeves for a cute, casual look I'll wear all summer. Added bonus: the tie dye kit was $10 at Target!

Find a tie dye kit & plain white tee at Walmart, Target, Michael's, or Joann Fabrics!

2. Gold Jewelry

I've been on this train for months now, but my gold jewelry game will be in full gear for the summer. Especially chains, layered pendants, and pops of color. I love gold jewelry because it goes so well with colors and neutrals. It adds so much to a subtle outfit or simple swimsuit. My favorite look right now is a thick gold chain choker layered with more subtle, longer pieces.

Vintage Chunky Chain Necklace:

Chain Link Necklace 14":

Coin Necklace 16":

3. HOT Pink

If you've seen my Instagram feed, you may have noticed that I have a thing for pink. I couldn't have been happier to see hot pink styles showing up in some of my favorite clothing stores. Hot pink is such a fun way to add color to an outfit. I've gained pink tops, shorts, and multiple swimsuits this year. The swimsuit makes you look extra golden on those summer days in the sun. Pair this suit with some layered gold jewelry and a thick chain for the perfect summer look.

Aerie bikini top (similar):

Aerie bikini bottom (similar):

4. Subtle Bangs

I have to shout out Cassie Randolph from Colton's season of the Bachelor for this inspiration (RIP to another Bachelor couple). She was the first person I saw with what she called "wispy bangs" and from there I was inspired. I've always thought of bangs as dangerous territory since I was little and gave myself this hairstyle a little (or a lot) too close to my face. But I'm loving the subtly of wispy bangs and the messy look the give a simple ponytail or pigtail braids. So much fun!

5. Straw Visors

It took awhile for me to get on this train, but now I'm all for it! Surprise, surprise... it's another Instagram discovery. The straw material automatically screams "beach vibes." I usually wear the visor with my hair down & curly, but I've seen it styled with space buns too and that was adorable! This visor is perfect for a day on the lake, or if you're lucky, a day on the beach!

Open Weave Visor Hat ($13!):

So there's my top 5! I hope you found a bit of inspiration as we dive into the summer months. Feel free to reach out and show me how you'd style these trends!



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