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Texas Travel Guide: Off the Vine RV Park in Hico, TX

When I was asked to come stay at Off the Vine RV Park in Hico, TX I couldn't have been more excited to spend some time in small town Texas. I could practically hear the country roads and southern hospitality calling my name. I had never before heard of Hico; naively pronouncing it as "Hick-Co," instead of the correct way, "High-Co." Lucky for me, the locals were friendly enough to forgive me on that one.

I brought along Austin and Stella for my weekday getaway and we all enjoyed a relaxing day away from the city together. We have previously done some RV camping with Austin's family so we had some idea of what the experience would be like, but Off the Vine RV Park and their retro trailers were above and beyond my expectations.

Here's everything you need to know to make the most of your glamping experience!

Off the Vine RV Park

Nestled on the outskirts of Hico is Off the Vine RV Park, a campground that offers space for travelers to park their own campers, as well as retro trailers you can book. The grounds are spacious enough where each campsite has their own fire pit, grilling area, and for the retro trailers, each has its own patio with a table & chairs.

The park provides bathroom and shower facilities in renovated silos and are some of the cleanest I've seen in my days of camping. The park is expansive, well kept, and charming. With very little light pollution at the park, it's the perfect place to spend the night star gazing at the beautiful night sky.

The way OTV incorporates its retro aesthetic throughout the RV park is impressive, with each trailer having its own theme. The park also successfully incorporates it's logo in a number of creative ways, from the office store front to the candles in the trailers.

The Maria

We had the ultimate glamping experience in the Maria. This renovated 1964 Airstream Globetrotter trailer could not have been more delightful. The Maria successfully celebrates the Mexican heritage within Texas with colorful and inviting San Antonio themed decor. OTV does an incredible job keeping the retro aspects of the trailer alive by including an authentic Tiffany Blue Magic Chef mini fridge and matching microwave.

In true Texas fashion, the OTV logo is a longhorn and is showcased throughout the trailer on the candles, commemorative cups, and stickers. When we arrived, we were also given treats for our stay, including Avoca coffee, Topo Chico mineral water, locally made Wiseman House Wild Woman Chocolates, and Peacock Alley OTV robes. All this and more included with your rental of a picturesque trailer. With a powerful A/C unit, comfortable pull out bed, and our own grill, we took glamping to the next level in the Maria - and so can you!

Hico, TX

Not unlike OTV itself, Hico was the most charming small town. We thoroughly enjoyed driving down the country roads to get there from Austin and seeing the fields of bluebonnets in bloom along the way.

What was once Hamilton County's shipping center, Hico is now home to many local shops, restaurants, and a museum for the infamous Billy the Kid. On your weekend in Hico, don't miss checking out the Hico Mercantile, Blue Star Trading Co, and Wiseman House Chocolates. Within the Blue Star Trading Co store you can walk into the town's old post office, where you can see the old safe and mailroom that still has letters and documents in the mailboxes.

A walk through Hico is a walk through Texas history as many of the buildings are the same as they were in the 1890s and early 1900s. You can still see many faded murals and product displays on the sides of the buildings; lingering shadows of the vibrant paintings they once were.

You'll have plenty of choices for restaurants with options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between. The one we were most excited about was Jersey Lilly's Mexican Restaurant and we weren't going to leave the city without a stop at the Country Donuts for breakfast (a great choice on us).

We also loved Hico because of how dog friendly it was. Stella stayed with us in the Maria and was able to go in most of the local shops with - one shop even had its own canine greeter at the door to welcome customers. Off the Vine provided us with complimentary waste bags and a portable water bowl for Stella. Bring your pup on your stay and know that OTV and the businesses in Hico will be more than welcoming to your furry friend.

Off the Vine is the perfect place to spend a relaxing day or weekend away. You'll experience authentic southern hospitality and small town charm when visiting Hico and the OTV team.

Happy Travels,

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